Number Two: Eric Carmen Goes Solo

In 1976, Eric Carmen was a single act, but feeling sorry for himself didn’t get him to the top of the chart:

Number Two: Air Supply Runs Out Of Love

Not enough love was the basis of the song, and oddly enough true for Air Supply who couldn’t quite get to the top in 1980:

Number Two: Janet’s Rhythm Nation

A well-produced music video that was in hot rotation on MTV didn’t help Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation get past #2 back in 1989:

Game Of Thrones Crash Course

So all your friends are excited about GAME OF THRONES coming back, but you are WAY behind on watching. When will you find time to cram all that TV into your life? Well, the incredible Fine Brothers recap everything so far in just nine minutes. Be warned, there are of course plenty of SPOILERS here!

Cyndi Lauper Explains SHE BOP

Cyndi Lauper has released a  two-disc She’s So Unusual: A 30th Anniversary Celebration which includes demos, rehearsals, B-sides, live tracks, remixes, and a few “reveals”. In a special interview, Cyndi explains about “She Bop” and how it caused a stir since back in the day – as only she can:

Whacked Out: Remember Dickie Goodman

He was the King Of The Parodys – using clips from hit songs to tell a weird and whacky story. This weekend, we’re playing plenty of Dickie’s chart hits, but do you recall this one from 1977?

Whacked Out: Weird Al’s JEOPARDY Moment

Ofd all the Weird Al parodies, most people remember this one mainly due to that great video that ran constantly on MTV:

Welcome To The Movies, Alice

It’s being billed as the first “doc opera,” featuring a mix of documentary footage, animation and rock opera. It’s Super Duper Alice Cooper. telling the story of the shock-rock icon.

Among the familiar faces in the film are Iggy Pop, Dee Snider and Elton John and the project premieres at the Tribeca Film Festival next month. It will hit theaters nationwide in May, and before then fans are encouraged to ask Alice questions via social media (with the hashtag #AskAlice). Alice promises he will choose a few, and his answers will run following each theatrical screening.

Got a question or want to see more – go to or

70’s Flashback: Karen & Richard’s Soft 70s

We roll on thru our 70s FLASHBACK WEEKEND with the most iconic soft rock talents of the decade, The Carpenters. Like them or not, we all know the huge amount they contributed to the music of the period:

Get set for more Carpenters, plenty of 70s hits and much more – all in the Top 500 Songs Of All Time. The countdown starts Friday at 3pm (ET) only on Hit Oldies.

70’s Flashback: The Early Videos

We all know that the 80’s was the decade that spawned the music video, but the 70’s had a few as well –

There’s plenty more on Hit Oldies as we keep rolling our 70s FLASHBACK WEEKEND.

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