Motown: MegaMusic Mix – What Do You Want To Hear?

The guys here at HIT OLDIES want to know what MOTOWN HITS you want to hear this weekend – and to get your memories stirred, check out this Megamix of Motor City Music – then send us your requests on Twitter @hitoldies1.

The MOTOWN WEEKEND starts tomorrow at 3pm (ET)

Disco Dance: The Songs You Forgot

The Disco Era produced a lot of songs that were hits in the clubs, but haven’t gotten a lot of radio play since. Here is a mix of some you probably forgot:

Our Tribute To America

happy-July-4As we wind down this Fourth Of July weekend, Isaac Shane dedicates an hour to the best American music.  Crank it loud and proud today at 5pm (ET).

We Celebrate The Artists All Weekend




All Fourth Of July Weekend, HIT OLDIES counts down the TOP 100 ROCK & ROLL ARTISTS OF ALL TIME. From Dylan to Disco, they are all here – counted down right up through Monday July 4th. Here is when you can follow our countdown plus other special programs are highlighted in GREEN)

Friday July 1st
3pm (ET) #100 to #93

Saturday July 2nd
9am (ET) #92 to #81
12noon (ET) #80 to #69
3pm (ET) #68 to #53

Sunday July 3rd
11am (ET) #52 to #41
3pm (ET) #40 to #25

Monday July 4th
12n (ET) #24 to#13
3pm (ET) #12 to #1
(6pm – THE MUSIC OF AMERICA With Isaac Shane)
(7pm ET – THAT THING With Rich Appel)



Awesome 80s: The Best Television

Beyond music (and music videos), we had some classic TV in the eighties – for example:

Awesome 80s: Pick Your Hits Here
Screen Shot 2012-03-25 at 1.50.16 PM

Here’s your homework – listen to this compilation of 80’s hits, then get to us on Facebook or Twitter (@hitoldies1) and request your favorites. We are glad to play ’em, back on our AWESOME 80s WEEKEND.

Awesome 80s: The Glory Days Of MTV

MTV was the source for so many great music videos in the 80’s – and a few that weren’t so great:

Awesome 80s: A Video Classic

The 80s were the decade for music videos, and we all have our favorites. We are willing to bet that on your list is AaHa’s TAKE ON ME:

Awesome 80s: Music That Radio Has Forgotten

There is so much great music from, the 1980s, a lot of which you just don’t hear on the radio anymore (well, except here at HIT OLDIES). Remember these?

Summer Starts Right Here!

Summer 2016  arrives on Monday and Hit Oldies is celebrating early with our SUMMER KICK OFF. Tons of blocks of Summer Songs and plenty of room to fit in your memories. Just post them on our Facebook Page. The SUMMER KICK-OFF WEEKEND starts at 3pm (ET) Friday on HIT OLDIES!

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