Happy Birthday Crayola

1370009579000-crayola-1305311014_3_4_r537_c0-0-534-712For more than a century, Crayola crayons have been a childhood staple.

This year the company is celebrating the 110th anniversary of its signature eight-crayon box. It just released a limited-edition tribute to the original packaging, which we can purchase for $4.99 on Facebook – Just go to Facebook.com/Crayola

The box looks almost exactly the same as the one from 1903 (pictured), although color names have been updated with cute nicknames from Crayola fans: For example, red is now “Ladybug,” and yellow has been dubbed “Sunny Side Up.”


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Own Lennon’s Lens & More

Even , John Lennon continues to inspire us and the latest way is with a  special line of eyewear modeled after Lennon’s signature specs plus it gives us a chance to  helping people in need.

It’s Adlens’ John Lennon Collection, created in partnership with Lennon’s estate. It offers a variety of round frames and colored lenses for a reasonable price. Also,  Adlens uses fascinating “fluid-injection lens technology” that enables owners to create their own prescriptions in less than a minute. This is a huge boon to people in countries without proper ways to get eye-care. We’ve got more on the POP CULTURE UPLOAD running this week and on BEATLES WEEKLY With J.C. Haze , plus check out this video:

They Said Nooooooo

Why did this take so long? The guys at Supercut Videos has released a well-edited video of various characters characters screaming “Nooooooooooooo!” in popular films. Start naming the movies…NOW!

The World Needs To See The Story Of Dr Demento

Dr. Demento is truly an American icon. Demento, also known as Barry Hansen, is perhaps the world’s foremost expert on novelty songs and strange recordings. He launched The Dr. Demento Show in 1970 in Pasadena, Calif., and in 1974 it went into national syndication. Incredibly, no one has ever made a full-length documentary about Dr. Demento, but that may be changing . A Kickstarter campaign is under for  could be a really cool movie, if only fans can help fund it. Check out the video and than GO HERE to help get it made.



See more here

STAR TREK BluRay Bloopers

It’s a big week for STAR TREK fans. INTO THE DARKNESS opens in less than week and two DVD collections have hit stores in high-definition Blu-ray. STAR TREK NEXT GENERATION The Third Season and The Best of Both Worlds. Here’s a sample of one of the extras – the oft-used blooper reel:

Disney’s STAR WARS? Just What We Feared?

Ever since we first learned about Disney acquiring the STAR WARS franchise, fans have speculated, rumored and vexed. Here is the best of them all – a short fan film that sums it up:

Patton Oswalt Unleashed

It was one of those classic moments that make television history.

On a recent episode of NBC’s PARKS AND RECREATION, comedian Patton Oswalt played a Pawnee resident who had to filibuster before the city council. Patton turned out a nine minute, 100% improv scene that tied in STAR WARS, Disney and Marvel Comics. Most of the scene didn’t make air, but here is is uncut:


Missing THE WALKING DEAD already? Then you’ll enjoy this cool episode of the web series COSPLAY PIANO that re-imagines the show’s theme – zombies included!

Sonya Belousova is the genius behind this – see more of her series here

IRS Spends 60 Grand On STAR TREK

Sources at the Internal Revenue Service says the video here, cost about $60,000! It was shown at the opening of a 2010 training and leadership conference but does not appear to have any training value. What do you think?

On Stage With The Boss

A lot of Bruce Springsteen fans would gladly give their right arms (and left arms) for a chance to sing onstage with The Boss – it sure jump started the career of Courtney Cox. Recently, a young fan in Brisbane, Australia, got his wish when Springsteen pulled him onstage to belt out Waitin’ on a Sunny Day. The kid was singled out after being spotted with a red baseball cap in his back pocket, Born in the U.S.A.-style.

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