Hit Women: Madonna Is Baddest Of All

Rolling through the HIT WOMEN OF ROCK & ROLL WEEKEND – it’s the lady who can be sweet AND scary – Madonna:

In a few days – it’s a 70’s FLASHBACK WEEKEND – can you say “Groooovy“? It all starts Friday at 3pm Eastern only on Hit Oldies

Hit Women: Aretha Kills Them With Soul

Being Queen Of Soul is an undisputed title when it comes to Aretha Franklin, but we like to count her as one of the top HIT WOMEN OF ROCK & ROLL. There’s plenty of Aretha thus weekend – on Hit Oldies!

Hit Women: Blondie Blazes The Trail

A big success in Europe during the mid 1970s, in America most people thought of Debbie Harry & Blondie as just another New Wave band. That was until 1978 and the release of Parallel Lines. A strings of major hits after that makes her one of our favorite HIT WOMEN OF ROCK & ROLL  of the 80s!

Hit Women: Suzi Stumbles Into Girl Power

Did you know that aside from being on HAPPY DAYS, Suzi Quatro was the first female bass player to become a rock star? That qualifies her to be a HIT WOMAN OF ROCK & ROLL in our book!

Meet The Monkees For The First Time

Talk about “found footage”! When MONKEES series creators Bob Rafelson and Bert Schneider shot the un-aired 16mm pilot, they had no ideas we’d find it decades later. It starts off with some charming B&W screen test footage from Davy Jones and Michael Nesmith, then still going by his stage name “Michael Blessing” but credited here as Nesmith. (Micky Dolenz, however was called “Micky Braddock”)

Plus there are some great versions of the theme by Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart, too!


A playboy, a gambler, a spy. That description fits both James Bond and the man who created him.

BBC and Sky Atlantic are producing a min-series biography of Ian Fleming, starring Dominic Cooper as the iconic author. It premieres in a few months but here is a trailer:

In ALL Worlds…We Love Lake Bell!

After following her from SURFACE to BOSTON LEGAL to CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL, we are over the top about Lake’s new film IN A WORLD. She wrote and directed (and of course stars in) this unique look at the voice over industry. It hits theaters August 9th:

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na It’s REAL Bats!

How do we explain this? Well…it’s the theme to the original BATMAN television show, sung by actual bats. Sound Master, Ulrich Seidel, reduced actual bat noises to human-audible frequencies, and then assigned the different bat notes to different keys on his keyboard.


Why We Really Miss THE OFFICE

After years of so many great movie references on THE OFFICE, the brains at SuperCuts have spliced them all together for one more look at our long lost pals at Dundler-Mifflin:

Cool TV Moment: LARRY SANDERS Revisited

If you are a fan of Garry Shandling’s classic LARRY SANDERS SHOW, you will love this clip from a recent LATE NIGHT WITH JIMMY FALLON. It starts with an appearance by Jeffrey Tambor…

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