70s Flashback: Lobo’s Love Song To ?

Lobo’s 1972 hit, I’D LOVE YOU TO WANT ME, is filled with great lyrics – but did you now he actually wrote that with his grade school teacher in mind? Listen again and you’ll figure it out:

The decade had great songs – and great stories. We’re covering them all on our 70s FLASHBACK WEEKEND on Hit Oldies.

70’s Flashback: Heart Takes Ours

It was the ultimate male adolescent fantasy – two beautiful women who could rock better than a lot of the male stars. Little did we now just how much more there was to Ann & Nancy Wilson’s talent – but they had plenty of chances to show us right through the 70s and beyond:

70’s Flashback: Love Unlimited Answers To Barry

It was an infectious little ballad that served the purpose of introducing Love Unlimited to the world. But did you know that voice on the phone at the end of the song belonged to the genius behind the group, Barry White?

Just another great story from the groovy decade – playing right now on our 70s FLASHBACK WEEKEND on Hit Oldies.

70s Flashback: Rod Stewart Bookends The Decade

Of all the great music acts that hit the charts in the 70s, few had hits at the start and the end, but Rod Stewart managed to do it. Here’s his monster hit from 1971:

All of Rod’s contributions to 70s music are part of our 70s FLASHBACK WEEKEND on Hit Oldies.

Getaway Weekend: Good Ol’ Glen Brings Us Home

Winding up the GETAWAY MUSIC WEEKEND – Glen Campbell’s classic love song to that town in Texas:

Rest up this week – in just a few days the ROCK & ROLL MAMA’S invade Hit Oldies! Watch for details!

Getaway Weekend: Flying The Unfriendly Skies

Ok, so it’s not the most pleasant of flying trips – but we always counted it as one of our favorite airplane songs. It’s Eric Burden & The Animals:

Land, sea and air – we’ve still got some stops ahead on our GETAWAY MUSIC WEEKEND on Hit Oldies.


Getaway Weekend: Brunch In Kansas City With The Beatles

Come on – Kansas City BBQ? Can’t you taste it? Along with a wealth of other rock acts, The Beatles paid tribute to all the parts of that city:

There’s a lot more road to travel on our GETAWAY MUSIC WEEKEND – rolling right now on Hit Oldies!

Getaway Weekend: Bullets & Bad Guys In Chicago

Among the things that Chicago brings to mind is of course Al Capone and those days of cops and robbers in a big way. In 1974, Paper Lace has a huge hit about just that:

No time to waste – there are plenty of more stops ahead all weekend long on our GETAWAY MUSIC WEEKEND.

Getaway Weekend: Ted Nugent & The Ultimate Stay-Cation

It’s a trip only you can enjoy – a Journey To The Center Of Your Mind. ¬†We always wondered if Ted Nugent ever really came back?

Ok – off the couch! There’s more miles ahead on our GETAWAY MUSIC WEEKEND right now on Hit Oldies!

Getaway Weekend: We’ve All Gone To Look For America

Remember when that was the cry of our youth? Seems to fit right in on this GETAWAY MUSIC WEEKEND – via Simon & Garfunkel live:

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