Who Is On The Radio??

542012_415864141756996_100000002410031_1584620_1745355008_nHIT OLDIES is live with some of your favorite radio personalities & great shows.
Here’s when to hear them {all times Eastern}

12mid (ET) – Vintage Gold Classics
3am (ET) – Vintage Gold Classics

3pm (ET) – That Thing w/ Rich Appel

7pm (ET) – Big Countdown w/ Mike Raub
8pm (ET) – Retro Radio w/Bob Gilmore

10am (ET) – Retro Radio w/Bob Gilmore
12noon (ET) – Forgotten 45s w/ Auston Fulk
6pm (ET) – That Thing w/ Rich Appel

12noon (ET) -Rocketman Roberts Classic Radio Show
2pm (ET) – Retro Radio w/Bob Gilmore
4pm (ET) – Forgotten 45s w/ Auston Fulk

3pm – Mike Raub
5pm  – Big Countdown w/ Mike Raub
6pm – 60s At Six
7pm – Beatles Weekly

6am (ET) – Mike Raub
8am (ET) – Big Countdown w/ Mike Raub
4pm (ET) – Isaac Shane
7pm (ET)  – Rocketman Robert’s Classic Radio Show
8pm (ET) – 80s At Eight
9pm  (ET) – That Thing w/ Rich Appel

6am (ET) – Isaac Shane
9am (ET) – Brett The Radio Man
12noon (ET) – Beatles Weekly
3pm (ET) – Steve West
6pm (ET) – Forgotten 45s w/ Auston Fulk
7pm (ET) – 70s At Seven
8pm (ET) – Vintage Gold Classics
10pm (ET) – Steve West