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No Words: Book ‘Em Baby

Easily one of the most recognizable riffs ever recorded, the theme to HAWAII 5-O spanned two versions of that series – and gives us a great MUSIC WITHOUT WORDS hit from The Ventures:

No Words: Booker Was A Cooker

Called a “musician’s musician” by so many, Booker T and his MGs burned up the charts with a pot full of instrumental hits like this one:

More Booker T and all the artists who gave us MUSIC WITH WORDS – all weekend long on Hit Oldies

No Words: Shhhhh Be Very Quiet!

This weekend it’s….MUSIC WITHOUT WORDS! Hit Oldies cranks out some of the best instrumentals of the 60s, 70s, 80s  & 90s – plus all the usual songs your grew up with and never stopped loving. It’s going on right now – at Hit Oldies

Plenty Of Class All Weekend Long

This weekend, we dig up the memories in a “classy” way. It’s a Class Reunion Weekend where we spotlight FOUR Classes an hour! We cover all the big years and play the hits that made them special. Want to know when your year is coming up? Here’s a guide:

3pm ET : 1970 – 1984 -1968 – 1990 {Replay Saturday 6am ET}
4pm ET :  1981 – 1971 – 1995 – 1965 {Replay Saturday 7am ET}

3pm ET :  1972 – 1998 –1964 – 1989 {Replay Sunday 7am ET}
4pm –ET : 1993 – 1975 – 1988 – 1969 {Replay Sunday 8am ET}

9am ET : 1973 -1982 – 1963 – 1997
10a m ET : 1980 – 1974 – 1999 – 1962
11a m ET : 1991 – 1976 – 1966 – 1981

4pm ET : 1977 – 1986 – 1961 – 1997 {Replay Sunday 10m ET}
5pm ET : 1985 – 1967 – 1978 – 1992 {Replay Sunday 11pm ET}
6pm ET :  1970 – 1996 – 1968 – 1987 {Replay Monday 12mid ET}

  • Want to hear a song that meant a lot to your high school days? Then post your request on our Facebook page!


This Weekend Our Big Holiday Party

It’s our LAST BLAST OF SUMMER WEEKEND and we keep it rolling right through Labor Day Monday. Here’s what’s coming up:

Friday 9/2
3pm ET – Mike Raub
5pm ET – The Big Countdown (1973)
6pm ET – The Sixties At Six
7pm ET – Beatles Weekly

Saturday 9/3
6am ET – Mike Raub
8am ET – The Big Countdown (1973)
4pm ET – Isaac Shane
7pm ET – RocketMan Roberts Classic Radio Show
8pm ET – The Eighties At Eight
9pm ET – That Thing With Rich Appel

Sunday 9/4
7am ET – Isaac Shane
9am ET – Brett The RadioMan
12noon ET – Beatles Weekly
4pm ET – Steve West
7pm ET  – The Seventies At Seven
8pm ET – Vintage Gold Classics
10pm ET – Steve West

Labor Day Monday 9/5
9am ET – Beatles Weekly (Special Encore)
10am ET – Retro Playlist With Bob Gilmore
12noon ET – Isaac Shane
3pm ET – That Thing With Rich Appel
6pm ET – Mike Raub
8pm ET -The Big Countdown (1973)
9pm ET – Steve West




Bye Bye Summer

This weekend, we say goodbye to warm temps and cool pools – it’s our LAST BLAST OF SUMMER Weekend with a perfect soundtrack for your holiday weekend. It rolls right through Labor Day Monday here on Hit Oldies.

90s Weekend: Your Hit Mix

UnknownTo get you into our NINETIES REWIND WEEKEND, here’s a mix of the biggest songs of the decade. Want to hear the full song? Then request it now on Twitter @hitoldies1.

This Weekend: We Wind Back To The 90s

iWmr-37-It’s a 90s REWIND WEEKEND with so many great songs from that decade and a lot we bet you haven’t heard on the radio in ages. It all starts Friday at 3pm EDT only here on Hit Oldies.

Motown: MegaMusic Mix – What Do You Want To Hear?

The guys here at HIT OLDIES want to know what MOTOWN HITS you want to hear this weekend – and to get your memories stirred, check out this Megamix of Motor City Music – then send us your requests on Twitter @hitoldies1.

The MOTOWN WEEKEND starts tomorrow at 3pm (ET)

Disco Dance: The Songs You Forgot

The Disco Era produced a lot of songs that were hits in the clubs, but haven’t gotten a lot of radio play since. Here is a mix of some you probably forgot:

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