Who Is On The Radio??

542012_415864141756996_100000002410031_1584620_1745355008_nHIT OLDIES is live with some of your favorite radio personalities & great shows.
Here’s when to hear them {all times Eastern} Read More…

What’s On The Weekend?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYes, we ARE on the air 24 hours a day, but weekends are STILL special here on Hit Oldies! Here’s what’s coming up over the next few weeks:

*THIS WEEK*  – Name Game Weekend
May 20th-May 22nd – Time Tripping Weekend
May 27th-May 30th – Memorial Day Top 500

Remember – Hit Oldies’ Weekend Specials kick off every Friday at 3pm (Eastern). Have an idea you’d like to hear on a Hit Oldies Weekend? Send it to us HERE


The TOP 500 – Countdown With Us

Top500This weekend we follow tradition – and countdown the latest tally of the TOP 500 SONGS OF ALL TIME. The Countdown rolls all weekend, right into Memorial Day Monday, plus there are a lot of other great shows for your holiday!

Want to know who’s Counting Down and what is coming up when? Here’s the schedule:

8am (ET) – WLS 1979 RETRO SHOW
3pm (ET) #500-#469 with Mike Raub

5pm (ET) THE BIG COUNTDOWN with Mike Raub
6pm (ET) THE 60s AT 6
7pm (ET) BEATLES WEEKLY with JC Haze
8pm (ET) FRIDAY NIGHT DANCE PARTY with Auston Fulk

9am (ET) #468-421 with Steve West
12noon (ET)  TOP 40 TIMELINE with Big Daddy

2pm (ET) #420-373 with Auston Fulk
5pm (ET) #372-342 with Isaac Shane
8pm (ET)  THE 80s AT 8
9pm (ET) #341-294 with Steve West

8am (ET) THE BIG COUNTDOWN with Mike Raub
9am (ET) #293-244 with Brett The RadioMan
12noon (ET) BEATLES WEEKLY with JC Haze
1pm (ET) #243-#196 with Steve West
4pm (ET) #195-#148 with Mike Raub
7pm (ET) THE 70s AT 7
10pm (ET) – WLS 1979 RETRO SHOW

9am (ET) #147-#100 with Brett The RadioMan
12noon (ET) – TOP 40 TIMELINE with Big Daddy

1pm  (ET) #99-#84 with Isaac Shane
2pm (ET) #83-#38 with Auston Fulk
5pm (ET) #37-#1 with Mike Raub

Starting The Weekend: The Big 89 Comes Back To Life

hqdefault1979 was the year that ended one of the most amazing periods in popular music, and the one radio station that touched us all was Chicago’s WLS. Steve West relives the Big 89 of 1979 through the speakers of that great radio giant. Seven hours of music and memories and it’s only here on Hit Oldies.
We kick off Memorial Day Weekend by RE-presenting THE BIG 89 COUNTDOWN – Friday at 8am (ET) then again on Sunday  at 10pm (EDT)

THIS WEEKEND: Trip Back In Time!

maxresdefaultThis weekend, HIT OLDIES does the Time Warp in style. It’s a TIME TRIPPING WEEKEND where we play a #1 song from the past four decades, and then follow it up with the song that was at the top of he charts TEN YEARS before OR after.

We rack up the memories & the miles starting Friday at 3pm {Eastern)


T40TLineLogoWelcome Big Daddy to the HIT OLDIES Family as he debuts his show, TOP 40 TIME LINE this Saturday at 12noon (ET) and again Monday at 10am (ET) and Wednesday at 3pm (ET). It’s a deep dive into the music, news and pop culture of one of your favorite years!

Rock Mamas: Ronnie Spector The First Mama?

Ok, so maybe she wasn’t the first ROCK & ROLL MAMA, but Ronnie Spector sure helped pave the way for so many others and kept her own career strong right up until today. Here she is at her classic best:

Ronnie and all the great girl groups are a big part of our ROCK & ROLL MAMAS WEEKEND right now on Hit Oldies.

Rock Mamas: Joanie Loves To Rock

Another shoe-in for our LADIES OF ROCK & ROLL  WEEKEND has to be Joan Jett. Here’s her amazing cover of the 60s hit from Tommy James.

You can catch all Joan’s hits this weekend – right now on a ROCK & ROLL MAMA’S WEEKEND only on Hit Oldies!

Rock Mamas: Mama Pat Has All The Best Shots

With the advent of MTV and music videos, ROCK & ROLL MAMAS got to show us even more of their amazing talents. The lady who produced some of the most memorable was Pat Benetar – and this is one of her best. Just part of our package on a ROCK & ROLL MAMAS WEEKEND here at Hit Oldies.

Hit Women: Mama Cass Wails This Weekend

It seems fitting that Mama Cassis is one of our favorite LADIES OF ROCK & ROLL – with a song that fans of the TV show LOST will recognize!  Lots more Ladies Who Rock coming all through the weekend!

This Weekend Mamas Rule!

In case it slipped your mind, Sunday is Mother’s Day and all weekend long we are saluting those great ladies in music. It’s a Rock & Roll Mamas Weekend and we’d love to include all your favorites. Anytime you want this week, send us your request on Twitter (@hitoldies1) or post your choice on our FaceBook Page here. The Rock & Roll Mamas Weekend kicks off Friday at 3pm (ET) here on Hit Oldies!

R.I.P. Prince

This weekend, so many of us will be taking time to remember Prince and his music. Here’s a quick clip of his appearance with Larry King back in 1999, responding to a question about how he’d describe his music.

Be listening to HIT OLDIES all weekend long for our memories of the artist, the man & the legend.

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