Who Is On The Radio??

542012_415864141756996_100000002410031_1584620_1745355008_nHIT OLDIES is live with some of your favorite radio personalities & great shows.
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What’s On The Weekend?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYes, we ARE on the air 24 hours a day, but weekends are STILL special here on Hit Oldies! Here’s what’s coming up over the next few weeks:

*THIS WEEK*   – Rock & Roll Mamas Weekend
May 13th-May 15th – Name Game Weekend
May 20th-May 22nd – Time Tripping Weekend
May 27th-May 30th – Memorial Day Top 500

Remember – Hit Oldies’ Weekend Specials kick off every Friday at 3pm (Eastern). Have an idea you’d like to hear on a Hit Oldies Weekend? Send it to us HERE


R.I.P. Prince

This weekend, so many of us will be taking time to remember Prince and his music. Here’s a quick clip of his appearance with Larry King back in 1999, responding to a question about how he’d describe his music.

Be listening to HIT OLDIES all weekend long for our memories of the artist, the man & the legend.

Spring Starts Right Here

good_sun1Spring 2016 has arrived and this weekend Hit Oldies celebrates with a Spring Fling Weekend. Plenty of great songs that sound sweet with the window open and the radio up – starting Friday at 3pm (EDT) on Hit Oldies!

70s Flashback: Reuniting The Poppy Family

Susan Jacks met her husband Terry when she was on a Canadian TV show called MUSIC HOP. They formed The Poppy Family and had this 1970 hit – on the charts almost four years to the day that Terry would go solo with his hit, SEASONS IN THE SUN:

Susan and Terry are both a part of our 70s FLASHBACK WEEKEND going on right now at Hit Oldies.

70’s Flashback: Ohio Players Master The Funk

Did you now that The Ohio Players had formed, toured, broke up and REformed all before they had their first 1970s hit? After that, it was seven trips to the charts during the decade, including:

The 70s are a wild ride – and your ticket is waiting now on our 70s FLASHBACK WEEKEND on Hit Oldies

The Big 89 Comes Back To Life

hqdefault1979 was the year that ended one of the most amazing periods in popular music, and the one radio station that touched us all was Chicago’s WLS.
Steve West relives the Big 89 of 1979 through the speakers of that great radio giant. Seven hours of music and memories and it’s only here on Hit Oldies.
Here THE BIG 89 COUNTDOWN – Wednesday January 27th at 7pm (EDT) then again on Saturday January 30th at 6am (EDT)

Remembering Glenn Frey

Glenn Frey of The Eagles performs on stage at Ahoy on May 11th 1977 in Rotterdam, Netherlands. (Photo by Gijsbert Hanekroot/Redferns)The  music world lost another this week – Eagles founder Glenn Frey left us was too soon at age 67.
Hit Oldies remembers his massive contribution to music and our lives with a one hour tribute, hosted by Steve West.
Catch this exclusive broadcast at these times (all EDT)
only on Hit Oldies:
Tuesday January 19th 6pm
Thursday January 21st at 12noon
Friday January 22nd at 2pm
Saturday January 23rd at 3pm
Sunday January 24th at 6pm

Motown: Feel The Magic One More Time

As we close out our MOTOWN MAGIC WEEKEND, here’s one final Megamix with more of the great hits from The House Barry Built.

Motown: MegaMusic Mix – What Do You Want To Hear?

The guys here at HIT OLDIES want to know what MOTOWN HITS you want to hear this weekend – and to get your memories stirred, check out this Megamix of Motor City Music – then send us your requests on Twitter @hitoldies1.

Motown: The Night Michael Stole The Show

It was the MOTOWN 25TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL, filled with the biggest acts that had ever worked for Barry Gordy – but it was one spot done by Michael Jackson that stopped the show and changed music forever.

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